What we Offer:
HSBC’s RMT program not only trains new graduates to become the highest level of management in HSBC Indonesia, but it gives you the opportunity to develop and grow personally and professionally.
You will become part of HSBC’s Global Network, we’re not just a bank, we’re the World’s Local Bank. We don’t sacrifice our integrity to gain worldwide success, instead we continue to care, help and do our part to better the communities we work in.

What’s in our RMT Program:
•    24 months job postings with regular rotations
•    Mentorship from industry professionals
•    Career counseling
•    Valuable on the job experience
•    Theoretical in-class training to maximize banking knowledge, functional and leadership skills
•    Networking opportunities with high ranking executives
•    Opportunity to get overseas training in Hong Kong or UK

How high our RMT graduates go:
By the end of this 2 year program, a long, fulfilling career in HSBC’s higher management awaits.

Are you eligible?
The stresses and demands of the program means that you will be working among the brightest of your generation.
Applicants must hold a Bachelor or Master Degree with a GPA of 3.25 with maximum age 28 and 2 years of work experience.

If you have the qualifications above, please send your resume by application online through

Sumber: CDC FTUI 3 agustus 2011

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