We are a leading Engineering and Construction Company in Oil & Gas Plant development and have been operating in Indonesia for more than 37 years. We would like to invite highly motivated and competent personnel to join TRIPATRA for the following positions with the required qualifications:


CODE                                       POSITION                                         EDUCATION BACKGROUND

PRE                                      Process Engineer                              S1 – Chemical Engineering

INE                                      Instrument Engineer                      S1 – Physic Engineering

MEE                                     Mechanical Engineer                      S1 – Mechanical Engineering

PIE                                       Piping Engineer                                 S1 – Mechanical Engineering

ELE                                      Electrical Engineer                          S1 – Electrical (Power) Engineering

OSE                                      Offshore Structure Engineer        S1- Civil (Structure) Engineering

CIE                                      Civil Engineer                                     S1- Civil Engineering

CSE                        Cost and Schedule Control Engineer      S1 – Chemical/Physic/Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineering

3D                                     3D Design Engineer                             S1 – Chemical/Physic/Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineering

General Requirements:

1. Excellent in English, both spoken and written
2. Good computer literacy in related software & office applications
3. Mature, good interpersonal skill, team-player, poses analytical skill, able to work under pressure, having high level of professionalism
4. Bachelor degree in respective discipline with minimum GPA 3.0.
5. Good knowledge of Engineering Codes and Standard

Interested candidate shall bring the following documents :

1. Application Letter
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Copy of related certificate
4. Copy of academic transcript
5. Copy of KTP

Sort listed candidate will be notified to joint in :


on:  Saturday, July 30 2011 at 07.00 WIB


Please submit your comprehensive resume (detailing your qualifications and also previous work experiences) and recent photograph to :


Gd. Engineering Center Lt. Dasar

Fakultas Teknik UI Depok

Telp: 021-78849080

Khusus Member CDC FTUI Kirim e-mail ke : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

dengan cara melampirkan CV dan Transkip Nilai

Cara Mengetik Subjek Email : Username_Nama Anda_TRIPATRA_Posisi yang dilamar

(Contoh  : CFT060784_Kharisma_TRIPATRA_PRE)

DI TUTUP : JUMAT, 29 JULI 2011 ( JAM 16.00 WIB )

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